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If everything is emptiness

In the auto-commentary to The Fourth Council, the Omniscient Dolpopa asks the proponents of self-emptiness (rangtongpas), with folded hands: How is the realization that everything is empty of self not the same as no realization? How is the explanation of … Continue reading

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Relying on a Spiritual Friend

First Contemplation Relying on a Spiritual Friend Residing in the unborn expanse of reality, inseparable from the Pure Bodies of Truth, Glory, and Compassion, are the Holders of the Lineage of Definitive Meaning— the awareness of my own true essence. … Continue reading

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If there is no re-birth

In the Great Middle Way, the translation of “Tathagata” is given as “One Come (Back) Thus”, rather than “One Gone Thus (to Peace)”. The original Sanskrit supports both translations —it is not whimsical. Some schools of Dharma (in particular, those … Continue reading

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Accepting Refuge

Going for Refuge and accepting Refuge are causally related, but different. Going for Refuge is a necessary step toward taking Refuge, but asking for a blessing and accepting it are not one and the same act.   Accepting Refuge means that … Continue reading

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Agnostic fundamentalism

There is a growing militancy among so-called agnostics who vociferously deny the validity of all faith traditions, including Buddha Dharma. Not only do they challenge the received teachings, but accuse all who accept them of dogmatism. However, if one is truly … Continue reading

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You are pure as you are

There is a mantra of which my Root Lama was very fond: om svabhava suddha sarva dharma svabhava suddho’ham It can be translated: “All is pure as it is. I am pure as i am.” However, he always cautioned me … Continue reading

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“I Can’t Meditate!”

As we begin the practice of meditation, we may discover that our minds don’t remain still for a single moment. We may then form the opinion that meditation is not beneficial, because it apparently creates more agitation, or we may … Continue reading

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