No hope. No fear.

We are surrounded by compassion and supported with kindness on every side. This is not wishful thinking or mundane piety. We took Refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha unerring and permanent protection.

We can worry about the situations we encounter along the way all we want, but it is neither helpful nor necessary. All is for the best, if we bring it onto the path. The heart that wishes universal enlightenment is infallible.

As we develop certitude through our practice of calm abiding and insight, the various shards of the view that we now have will gradually coalesce into a stable but not static View, like the proverbial pieces of a mosaic. As the View becomes wide and deep, we can observe the mental continuum and know the interdependence of all phenomena.

The one essential teaching of the Buddhas is that They are not unique, that there is a fundamental equality of all sentient beings. We are all free, all fully enlightened. Right now. 

Amideva is the name we call ourselves, awakening to our true nature. om Amideva hrih 

Rejoice! There is no fear. There is no (need to) hope.

About Tashi Nyima

I am a Dharma student, and aspire to be a companion on the path. I trust that these texts can offer a general approach and basic tools for practicing the Buddha's way to enlightenment. ||| Soy un estudiante del Dharma, y aspiro a ser un compañero en el sendero. Espero que estos textos ofrezcan a algunos un mapa general y herramientas básicas para la práctica del sendero a la iluminación que nos ofrece el Buda.
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